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Policy Topics

Lifelong Leveraging of Human Potential: The Role of Public Libraries in Lifelong Workforce Training

Job displacement is nothing new to the American economy, but technological developments and the growing interconnectedness of global markets have created a new wave of challenges for the American worker. The specialized skillsets and technological fluency demanded by an economy increasingly dominated by companies outside of the manufacturing space have empowered the younger worker and…

The Media and Mass Shootings: How Coverage Shapes National Debates and Actions

The United States’ relationship with firearms is difficult to characterize and quantify. A complex, intersectional network shapes our national discourse: history, geography, media coverage and consumption, political parties, rates of gun violence, religion, mental health attitudes, and many more dynamics influence how individuals view and react to gun-related events. Americans have a unique historical relationship…

Interview with Jen Psaki

Editor in Chief, Justin Goss, sits down with former White House Communications Director and current GU Politics Fellow, Jen Psaki. They cover social media, disruption in traditional communication venues, data driven policy, and the merits of using data in communications.

The Many Faces of the Antiquities Act

A brief description of the many ways one piece of federal land management legislation has been implemented The Act The Act for the Preservation of American Antiquities is a century-old land management law giving the President of the United States the authority to designate “objects of historic or scientific interest” on federal lands as national…

Interview with Grover Norquist

GPPR’s Editor in Chief, Justin Goss, sits down with GU Politics fellow and president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist. The two talk about international free trade agreements, the U.S. economy, strategies for growth, and immigration. We also get a look into the topics that will be covered in Mr. Norquist’s weekly discussion group…

Podcast: Spring 2017 GU Politics Fellows

Editor in Chief, Justin Goss, sits down with 4 of the 5 new GU Politics fellows – Marlon Marshall, Anna Palmer, Jen Psaki, and Tony Sayegh. The group discusses the election, polling, long-term policies, and the fellows’ discussion groups for this semester at Georgetown.