Op-Ed: Effective Veterans Policy and Closing the Civilian-Military Gap

Despite the passage of a bipartisan reform bill and the confirmation of a new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, correcting the course of our nation’s veterans policy has only just begun. Policymakers need to better understand the issues facing America’s veterans so that they can make wise decisions about how to spend limited government resources. Our veterans are positive contributors to local communities and society and we should recognize that an investment in them is an investment for our nation’s growth.

Nuclear Options: What Explains U.S.-China Cooperation on Thorium?

There has been a remarkable degree of cooperation between Washington and Beijing with respect to research on the radioactive chemical element thorium, a potentially important future source of safer nuclear energy. The U.S. appears to have given away the farm to China in terms of its previously world-leading thorium research as a part of a risky strategy to push the steep costs of further thorium development onto China in the belief that the U.S. can catch up when thorium’s commercial viability has been reached.

Are Democrats Poised for Resurgence in Georgia?

The elections in Georgia for governor and Senate are incredibly close, with Democrats putting up a strong showing in this conservative, Southern state. Regardless of what happens this Tuesday, Georgia’s changing demographics mean that the GOP’s stranglehold on the Peach State is eroding.

What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Kansas is known for its far right swing over the course of the last decade. But three of its most prominent conservative officials are in the fight for their political lives in the 2014 election cycle. Votes in Kansas this November may provide clarity on the political future of the state and the radical conservative movement in our country.

Obama’s Moral War

A moral action is one that upholds and strengthens the ties that bind a community together, so how can a foreign incursion into sovereign territory be regarded as moral? The U.S.-led coalition’s military intervention against the Islamic State raises an interesting question about the place for morality in foreign affairs, and exposes this specific case for closer scrutiny of the presence of a moral argument.