OP-ED: We Need to Clean Up Our Trash

By Elizabeth Kelly How many cell phones and computers have you owned in your life? Do you know where they ended up when you discarded them? Have you ever thought about it? I started college with a blackberry, and over the course of upgrades, broken screens, and theft, have owned five phones in just three…


Interview with Congressman John Sarbanes

By Jamie Obal The 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC drastically transformed the United States’ campaign finance landscape.  Citing political spending as form of free speech, Citizens United allowed corporations and labor unions to spend unlimited funds for candidates. This year, the Supreme Court again defended political spending as a form of…

Photo by Christos Tsoumplekas.

One Area Where the US Beats Scandinavia: Teacher Pay

By Jacob Patterson-Stein Counties in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida are debating how much, or even whether, to increase educator salaries. Proponents note that the profession’s reputation for long-hours and low-pay, under increasingly demanding conditions, keeps some of the best and brightest college students from considering a career in education. Others counter with the growing strains…

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Beyond Urban Planning: The Economics of Capital Bikeshare

By Kristine Johnston Bicycling is exploding across the United States, and Washington, DC is no exception: the share of bicycle commuters in the District has grown by 315 percent since 1990 and overall ridership rose 80 percent between 2007 and 2010. This growth is tied to the metro area’s commitment to expanding trails and bike…


Podcast: Elizabeth Warren, Drones, and 2016

In the newest episode of the Georgetown Public Policy Review podcast, Review staff Kristin Blagg, Nora Gregory, and Jacob Patterson-Stein discuss Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent speech on reforming the US military to better account for civilian casualties. Senator Warren gave her speech on Georgetown’s campus as part of the McCourt School of Public Policy’s annual Whittington Lecture….