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Articles by Delaney Luna

Delaney Luna

Delaney Luna is a second year MPP candidate at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. Earning her B.A. at the University of California, Berkeley, she studied political economy and public policy while working in a variety of local government, political, and academic settings. Her policy interests include financial security and economic inclusion, and her most recent work experience includes nonprofit asset-building. Delaney is originally from Coronado, CA.

The Media and Mass Shootings: How Coverage Shapes National Debates and Actions

The United States’ relationship with firearms is difficult to characterize and quantify. A complex, intersectional network shapes our national discourse: history, geography, media coverage and consumption, political parties, rates of gun violence, religion, mental health attitudes, and many more dynamics influence how individuals view and react to gun-related events. Americans have a unique historical relationship…

Dodd-Frank and Wall Street Reform: What’s Next

The Financial Crisis of 2008 drew all eyes to the deep-seated systemic shortcomings of the American economy. Attempting to address these failures, President Obama enacted The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Bill, and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. New rules and agencies were established to restructure weak firms, monitor risky behavior, and promote transparency. Six years…

A Clinton Election and Financial Market Expectations

Presidential elections have considerable implications for financial markets. Promises, reputations, and historical trends create new expectations for future valuations and disrupt the status quo. Static factors like political party alone can affect market outlooks, while a candidate’s policy positions further complicate their potential to harm or improve different sectors. Elections set the stage for political,…