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Christian Conroy

Christian Conroy is currently a dual Master in Public Policy (MPP) and Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) candidate at Georgetown University, where he is focused on using econometric analysis to advise foreign companies entering emerging markets. Prior to Georgetown, Christian held several positions in the private sector, including Supply Chain Security Risk Analyst at BSI Group, Technical Advisor for Psychometrics and Analytics at GSX Inc., and Shanghai GM at CRCC Asia. Christian was also previously a Fulbright Fellow based in Xi’an, China, where he studied the decentralization of education policy with a focus on the distribution of authority between county bureaus of education and primary schools in rural China. His policy interests include technology disruption, smart city solutions, international development, big data, and just about anything related to China. You can find him on twitter @christianmconro.

Lifelong Leveraging of Human Potential: The Role of Public Libraries in Lifelong Workforce Training

Job displacement is nothing new to the American economy, but technological developments and the growing interconnectedness of global markets have created a new wave of challenges for the American worker. The specialized skillsets and technological fluency demanded by an economy increasingly dominated by companies outside of the manufacturing space have empowered the younger worker and…

The EU, Europe, and Transatlantic Trade at a Crossroads

Just as anti-trade sentiment in the U.S. contributed to the election of Donald Trump, similar concerns have created friction and fragmentation across the Atlantic. In addition to the obvious threats Brexit posed to the EU model earlier this year, populist and nationalist fervor manifest in opposition to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and…

Technological Automation and the Soft Skill Revolution

In 2014 technology research firm Gartner projected that one-third of global jobs will be replaced by robotics, software, or machine learning by 2025. While technological advancements have been shifting entire labor markets since the beginning of time, the rate at which Moore’s Law is increasingly blurring the lines between algorithmic computing and human decision making…