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Wetlands Regulation: A Failed Experiment

By Elizabeth Robinson While I was home in Greenville, South Carolina, for winter break, I read in the local paper that a huge percentage of the wetlands in my state are completely unprotected by environmental regulations. Through a combination of policy loopholes and local noncompliance, isolated wetlands—those not connected to a major waterway—can be destroyed…


Summer Reruns: More Debate Over EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System

By Kate Rosenberg This summer featured the latest installment of the ongoing EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) reform saga. EPA’s IRIS program produces chemical assessments that evaluate the health effects of chemicals in the environment and commerce, specifically determining the level at which a given chemical presents a potential public health risk. These assessments…


What Does the Future Hold for the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations?

by Paul Heberling In light of the recent midterm elections, it is clear that the next Congress will look very different and have very dissimilar goals than the current incarnation. It is worth exploring the origins of the EPA’s efforts to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a favorite target for GOP derision, as well as…


The Slow Progress Towards a national Consensus on CAFE

by Lucas Adin Among the most reliably contentious issues in the policy arena of late is the topic of global warming and the measures that must be taken to abate it.  Worldwide, the specter of melting icecaps, withering crops, and inundated coastal cities grips the attention of even those only loosely familiar with the mechanics of the…