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Mitt Romney’s Failure to Connect

By Isabel Taylor With Mitt Romney still hanging in there as the likely Republican candidate to challenge President Obama in the fall, the former Governor of Massachusetts is obviously failing to set the GOP on fire. But after his uninspiring victories on Super Tuesday, Romney’s inability to motivate the Republican rank-and-file is threatening to catch…


My Church, Our State: Religion on the Campaign Trail

    By Isabel Taylor I am constantly amazed at the role religion plays in American politics. In a country where there is a clear separation of powers between the church and state (and hats off to the country for establishing this as a fundamental so early in its history), there is evidently not a…


Starbucks CEO Schultz’s Campaign Spending Attack Misses Target

by Chris Nidel Given the current state of the U.S. economy, particularly our high level of unemployment, a recent interview by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz caught my attention. After watching, and ultimately re-watching the interview, I became completely frustrated with the misleading nature of the discussion, based on what may be simple ignorance on the…