What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Kansas is known for its far right swing over the course of the last decade. But three of its most prominent conservative officials are in the fight for their political lives in the 2014 election cycle. Votes in Kansas this November may provide clarity on the political future of the state and the radical conservative movement in our country.

Podcast: Elizabeth Warren, Drones, and 2016

In the newest episode of the Georgetown Public Policy Review podcast, Review staff Kristin Blagg, Nora Gregory, and Jacob Patterson-Stein discuss Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent speech on reforming the US military to better account for civilian casualties. Senator Warren gave her speech on Georgetown’s campus as part of the McCourt School of Public Policy’s annual Whittington Lecture….

Introducing the Georgetown Public Policy Review Podcast

By Jacob Patterson-Stein I am proud to introduce the first episode of the Georgetown Public Policy Review Podcast. The drive behind producing a podcast was to find a medium that would allow Review staff to comment on their work, provide updates on recently published articles, and expand the way we approach policy analysis. This podcast will be a…

Grading the 2014 State of the Union Address

By Jacob Patterson-Stein Amidst the bombast and rapid-fire punditry that accompanies the President’s annual State of the Union address, it is worth remembering that much of the platform he lays out each year is the result of meticulous policy research conducted by civil servants, think tankers, and academics. In some cases, the President’s call to…

Domestic Policy in 2014

The year 2013 certainly provided no shortage of fodder for policy wonks. We faced off over the debt limit and government shutdown, scraped together a budget deal, alternatively debated and ignored immigration reform, witnessed the shaky rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges, confronted the realities of our government’s surveillance in the name of…