Fall 2017 Editorial Board Chat

To wrap up the fall 2017 semester, Jake (editor-in-chief), Catherine (Managing Editor), Olivia (Spring Edition editor), Disraeli (Senior Interview editor) and Erich (Interview editor) sit down and talk about everything that has happened this semester, and looks ahead to what GPPR will offer in the spring.  

Do Taxpayer-Funded Campaigns Increase Political Competitiveness?

Advocates of taxpayer-funded political campaigns often claim that such systems improve the political process by exposing incumbent politicians to more competition and increasing the chance that challengers will defeat them in elections. One such advocate, the Brennan Center for Justice, has argued that tax-financed campaigns “improve competition, and help challengers.”  Lower incumbent re-election rates in…

The Uncertainty Series: Interview with Chris Lu

Editor-in-Chief Jake Ford and Senior Interview Editor Disraeli Smith sit down with former Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu. Jake, Disraeli and Chris discuss the huge amount of uncertainty in our labor markets (including jobs, wage growth, and trade), tactics to grow the economy and future of labor, as well as public service.  

Worker Displacement and Productivity in the New Economy

Digitalization and technological advancement are revolutionizing the economy and stirring up a whirlwind of debate among policymakers. Firms and individuals harnessing the power of technology benefit more than those that fail to adapt. As workers face uncertainty due to displacement, policymakers must weigh the societal gains of technological progress and automation to the negative and…

Interview with José Diaz-Balart

Editor in Chief Jake Ford and Senior Interview Editor Disraeli Smith sit with legendary broadcaster José Diaz-Balart. Jake and Disraeli talk about diversity in public policy, uncertainty and how to overcome divisiveness in politics. Plus, in a GPPR podcast first, José asks us a question!  

The Policy Issues of Online Education

Now more than ever, the attainment of a higher education degree and the acquisition of technical skills are a prerequisite for employment in an increasingly competitive and technologically driven labor market. However, the costs of a college degree are steep. Over the past decade, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for U.S. college tuition and fees…

Interview with GU Politics Fellow Marie Harf

GPPR Interview Editors Disraeli Smith and Benjamin Huber speak with Marie Harf, current Fox News commentator and former Senior Advisor to Secretary John Kerry. The team discusses uncertainty in our foreign policy strategy, the Iran Nuclear Deal, what public policy experts should know about foreign policy, and how foreign policy impacts domestic policy.