Obama’s Moral War

A moral action is one that upholds and strengthens the ties that bind a community together, so how can a foreign incursion into sovereign territory be regarded as moral? The U.S.-led coalition’s military intervention against the Islamic State raises an interesting question about the place for morality in foreign affairs, and exposes this specific case for closer scrutiny of the presence of a moral argument.

Short-Term Gains for Long-Term Losses: The Iraqi Response and US Support to Instability in Iraq

Iraq has largely slipped from the American public’s radar. The ongoing civil war in Syria and negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program have taken precedence, followed by deliberations on the United States’ long-term presence in Afghanistan and ongoing instability in Egypt, Lebanon, and Yemen. Given this country’s recent history with Iraq, the Iraqi government is facing a very different political climate in Washington when it asks for weapons sales, military training, and other US support.

Violence, Distrust, and Instability: Iraq’s Future in Uncertain Times

It has been more than two years since the last US troops left Iraq, effectively ending a war that carried on for nearly nine years. Even before the final US soldiers pulled out of the country, signs of instability due to a delicate power-sharing arrangement between Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish parties were evident. Today, the future of Iraq is in question.

Bioterrorism: Growing Threat, Inadequate Budget

By Mark Sharoff In November, 2001, in a briefing with CIA Director George Tenet and NSA Director Condoleeza Rice, Vice President Cheney articulated what in years following would become the “One-Percent Doctrine,” the Bush administration’s approach to threats of “low-probability, high-impact” terrorism. The doctrine holds that if there is, in Ron Suskind’s words, “ a…

National Security in the New Millennium

In April the Georgetown Public Policy Review announced its 2010-2011 edition.  In light of the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, our staff decided to focus the publication on “National Security in the New Millennium.” For our headlining interview, Heather Vaughan sat down with Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.  During his Senate career Hagel sat on…