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Articles by Naomi McMillen

Naomi McMillen is a Master's candidate in the International Security program at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. She has previously worked at some of the country's leading think tanks, including the National Bureau of Asian Research and the Brookings Institution, and has held leadership positions in the human rights community in Seattle, WA. Ms. McMillen received her Bachelor's of Arts and certificate in international security from the University of Washington.

Landmines and the Plight of Myanmar’s Refugees and Displaced Peoples

Landmines were called ‘perfect soldiers,’ quietly, patiently waiting for their target as long as necessary and highly inexpensive to produce or acquire. For these reasons, landmines or anti-personnel (AP) mines have been the weapon of choice for standing armies and guerilla forces alike in conflicts spanning the last one hundred years, from World War II…