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Jani Smith

Before Georgetown, Jani completed undergraduate schooling at Georgia Southern University, majoring in Psychology and Music Administration. Through this, she sculpted a foundation in education policy and quantitative skills aiding in the study of Developmental and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Currently, at McCourt, Jani has focused on Criminal Justice Policy and Foreign Policy. She was the Media Director for the 2016 McCourt Policy Conference and is now the Communications Director for Eduwonks. Outside of class, Jani works at the United States International Trade Commission. The USITC allows her to utilize her advanced Data Visualization skills, R, and quantitative analysis abilities while working on a team of analysts and assisting with amendments under the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill. In her spare time, Jani enjoys teaching elementary aged children to play musical instruments, performing Flute and Cello in pit orchestras, and preparing for Concerto Competitions.